I’m Reagan Gray

I owned an ad agency in Southern Calfornia for 15 years, but I’m not an ad agency now. When I relocated to Boston about 8 years ago, I found I liked continually meeting new people and helping them solve tough marketing challenges, rather than focusing on the minutiae an agency requires. So while I still value long-term relationships, I don’t need a long-term contract. I’m in, I solve your problem, I help you succeed, I’m on to the next challenge.


Some Nuts, Some Bolts

Here’s some info about my company until we can get together in person, where we’ll hit it off like old friends.


I have a Masters of Healthcare Administration Public Policy from The George Washington University. My marketing career has been spent primarily in the healthcare space, working for some of the largest and/or most prestigious health care organizations. I’ve brought creative marketing solutions to large hospitals, national insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and more. I don’t work in healthcare exclusively, but I have to say, in all humility, I’m pretty darned good at it.


So it says Partners in the logo, but who are my partners? My main partner is my Creative Director, with whom I’ve worked for close to 30 years. You’d like him. He comes up with brilliant creative solutions, and we’re a great team.

We also have a core group of freelancers that we’ve worked with for years that we consider part of our team. They’re experts in every conceivable area: digital, social, content, events, brand ID, design...you name it. No matter your particular solution, we put the best people on it. We guarantee: you’ll be happy.


We are media agnostic, and we find the best solution to your marketing problem. Maybe it’s a social promotion and microsite. Maybe it’s fine-tuned messaging with a complete campaign. Maybe it’s rethought sales materials.

Then if you want us to execute our recommendations, we can do it. No matter what it is. Our network is vast. So in other words, we offer true turnkey solutions, at the highest level.


Our number one goal is to make you and your organization superstars. We’ve done just that for many clients, and know we can do it for you.

We most recently did it for one of our local clients. The solution we provided changed their entire corporate outlook, vastly exceeded their expectations, and contributed to them recently being named, for the first time in their history, the number one health plan company in the entire nation.


Have A Marketing Problem?

Maybe all you really need is a fresh take on your problem. My team and I have solved big problems and small. And remember, there’s no charge for an initial consultation, so contact me, have me come out, and run it by me. Let’s see what we can do together.